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Come and bowl for the fun of it!

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We invite you to pay us a visit!

The LLBC is always looking for new people to join are club. Our members enjoy year round bowling and many social events throughout the year as well. Drop by during an Open House or contact us to arrange a time for a visit. 

No equipment required

Our club has club bowls for new members to use for their first year as a member. You need to wear flat soled shoes to save wear and tear of the green. Members wear casual comfortable clothes for practice and club draws. 
For special events, members are encouraged to wear whites (beige works) or club shirts.
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Coaching is available throughout the year. Our coaches and volunteers will help new members develop the  skills, etiquette, and strategy of the game.
If you would like an introduction to the game of lawn bowling, please email 
One change in "How to Play Bowls" relates to what happens when the Jack is moved outside the rink on either side. Rather than calling a "dead end" the jack is spotted on the 2 metre mark and play resumes.
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