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New Member

While there are several types of lawn bowling games such as Triples, Pairs, Singles and Cuthroat, the default game for Open Draw games is Triples. As a new member of our club, you will start as a Lead in Triples. Each triples team has a Lead, Second and Skip. You will have the support of the Second on your team as well as the Lead and Second on the opposing team helping you to learn the game.
Drawtable May.jpg
All Open Draw games start with the random selection of the teams. This starts with each member attending, putting their name tag on the draw table according to your position. 
Members must have their name tag on the draw table at least 15 minutes before game time to give the drawmaster time to select or draw the teams.
Starting a Game
Centering the mat cropped.jpg
Once your name has been drawn, each member goes to their assigned rink and puts their bowls to the right of and behind the mat.
The leads now determine the starting team by one rolling a bowl and the other calling large or small icon. The winning team's Skip then chooses  which team goes first.
The starting Lead then sets the mat on the center line with the front edge in line or ahead of the 2 meter marker. 
Lead Responsibilities
As a Lead, you have most of the jobs to do. These are:
1. Set the mat - when you have control of the jack
2. Confirm the mat is centered by the skip
3. Deliver the jack to a designated spot determined by the Skip
4. Set the jack - standing on the centered mat
5. Look for instruction from your skip before bowling
6. The losing lead for each end rakes in all bowls.
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