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Bowls, Trolleys, and more

Fortunately as a new bowler you don't need to worry about these items right away. As you grow into the game you will want to order your own bowls and other accessories. These supplies usually take some time for delivery.
One source for these supplies is Pacific Indoor Lawn Bowling Club, 604-874-2817. This local company is a Henselite Distributor and stocks some items but has to order in most selected items.
Other options could be Googling lawn bowls brands such as Taylor, Drakes Pride, and Aero. For available used lawn bowls and other items, you can google  lawn bowling bowls.

Lawn Bowling Accessories

Members playing as Seconds and Skips will require some accessories such as measuring tapes, chalk holders, score card holder and more. Our club maintains inventory of these items which are displayed in a glass case on the wall left of the bar.
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Ladner Lawn Bowling Club Attire

For tournaments and some special club events, members are encouraged to wear white shirts and pants. (beige works)
Another option, is to consider a custom LLBC hat and shirt. Wearing these really contributes to a team feeling during tournament play.
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